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Gavi green system

Gavi Green™ is a modular building system for green roofs. Very popular to use in environmental friendly building projects and also urban farming projects. The basis of the system is the easy to install Gavi Green™ click tray.

Most green roofs are based on sedum blankets which are unrolled on the roof with several layers, including drainage filters and substrates underneath. The Gavi Green trays contains all these ingredients and are easily installed on the roof by clicking them together.

Gavi Green trays are available with sedum for a maintenance free roof.  Or can be delivered as empty tray for filling with your own plants, herbs or vegetables.

Gavi Green tray Black PP Recycled trimatic


The Gavi Green® tray is a cassette and easy to assemble due to a clicking system. The first step is connecting the mounting strips at your roof. When they are attached, just click the trays to the mounting strip. This is very convenient when you want different kind of sections with plants, like sedum, herbs or any other kind of plant you want at your roof. The mounting strips can be used with a flat roof, as well as a sloping roof.


Why is the Gavi Green® tray convenient? For example when your roof is leaking, you only have to pull out one of the trays and not the whole roof has to be removed.


Gavi Green® trays can be quickly assembled because of the separate elements. It can be finished in one day. The trays in the nursery can be automatically handled, because of this we can keep the costs of the tray low.


Optionally we provide an automatic irrigation system to help maintain your green roof.  This irrigation system can be used for flowers, herbs or any kind of plant that is benefited by automatic watering. 

There are 2 ways to irrigate the Gavi Green® tray, the type of irrigation depends on the kind of vegetation you put in the tray.

Irrigation along the top via a sprinkler
Irrigation via a dripping system

All the types of irrigation are connected to the mounting strip, which are connected at your roof.


The Gavi Green® tray is made of recyclable Poly Propyleen.

You can catch rainwater in a rain barrel and connect your irrigation system at the barrel. Through this way you can water your plants very eco-friendly.