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Why choose a green roof?

Your home or office roof has many benefits for people living and working in an urban environment. The roof of the town and people left to nature, a relationship which doesn’t always match in big cities. A green roof can help with building insulation, improve air quality, slow and filter rainwater runoff, a source of urban food production, increasing the value of buildings and creating a beautiful living and entertaining environment.

You can create your garden on the roof with Gavi Green® trays in a wide variety of plants and also outdoor structures such as trellises, arbors and even more.

Many species of flowers and vegetables, and even trees can grow in the tray.

Gavi Green® is not just putting a roof covered with plants. It is important to protect the roof to prevent penetration of the roots into the building. Extensive green roofs are designed to be self-supporting and maintaining.

In cold tolerant and drought-tolerant weather, plants such as grass, moss, or moor also known as sedum are perfect for your roof. Intensive green roofs use a different soil and require the same maintenance as a common garden.

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Extra features
Complete the look of a green terrace with some benches, dining room and living room furniture for fun and relaxation.

Add an automatic irrigation system provided by Gavi Green® to help with the maintenance of the garden and outdoor lighting to accent the garden on the roof. It will look beautiful at night. To bridge the connection with nature, you can also try to add a pond, even a birdhouse and flowers to attract butterflies in your area.

Now the city’s rooftop is a great way to relax, have fun, and even incorporated into the daily lives of the characters. Depending on the complexity of the project, you can convert the project to do-it-yourself.